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Die Zauberflöte

von Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Libretto: Emanuel Schikaneder

Staatstheater Kosice

Premiere am 17./18. Februar 2023

Fotos: Joseph Marčinsky

Zauberflöte: Willkommen

A Journey of Insight

The Magic Flute begins as a classic story of heroism and initiation: a young man falls in love with the portrait of a woman. He is sent on a journey to defeat the villain who stole her and free the woman he desires. The special twist here, however, is that the supposed villain is not really evil (although we don't know whether he is really good either) and the image that was initially conveyed to the prince turns out to be untruth and intrigue. - Or not?

The journey of Tamino and his companion Papageno is not just a search for truth, it ultimately develops into a search for human perfection. Through the encounter with Sarastro's priestly community, who as “initiates” have secret wisdom, the theme of striving for the good and the divine and the will to overcome human badness and stupidity opens up.

Cast of Characters

Papageno und Papagena


Jozef Benci, Ivan Zvarík, Michal Onufer


Andrej Vancel, Maksym Kutsenko

Königin der Nacht

Lucie Kańková, Eva Bodorová, Gabriela Hrzenjak


Aneta Hollá, Veronika Bilová


Marek Gurbaľ, Marián Lukáč, Martin Kovács


Silvia Ondočko, Veronika Bilová


Maksym Kutsenko, Anton Baculík

Erste Dame

Janette Zsigová, Lubica Strapáčová

Zweite Dame

Viera Kállayová, Alena Fialeková

Dritte Dame

Myroslava Havryliuk, Barbara Sopková


Orchester a Zbor Opery ŠDKE

Zauberflöte: Cast
Production Team

Libretto___Emanuel Schikaneder

Director___Alexander Wiegold

Music Production___Vinicius Kattah

Set Design___Ondrej Zachar, Alexander Wiegold

Costumes___Tomáš Kypta

Visual Design___Michael Balgavy

Light Design___Róbert Farkaš

Choreography___Andrej Petrovič

Fotography___Joseph Marčinsky

Dramaturgy___Stanislav Trnovsky

Zauberflöte: Production Team
Werther: Text
Zauberflöte: Zitat
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